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Recently, the Blizzard developers announced that they want to attract more Alliance players to the battlefields of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. How? Well, through a repeatable level 70 quest that rewards fighters under the blue lion banner with an exclusive loot chest. Now we know which items can be in the chests.

Today, July 21st, WoW starts: Burning Crusade Classic as is well known the second PvP test to improve honor farming on the battlefields for both factions. All Horde players can look forward to shorter waiting times, as they can now meet players from their own faction again for a week. In turn, all solo registrants should like the fact that they are no longer allowed to encounter complete server groups. Only battlefield registrations with groups of a maximum of five players are allowed.

Last but not least, Blizzard has thought about something to lure the fighters under the blue lion banner in larger numbers onto the battlefields. The Alliance Brigadier General in each Alliance capital or Shattrath now provides you with a repeatable level 70 quest, through which Alliance players can reward themselves with an exclusive loot chest for victory on a battlefield. We now also know which items can be hidden in these chests (via Wowhead).

Some players are now asking why Blizzard doesn’t just give players bonus honor or extra battlefield tokens through the chests. Others criticize above all that Badge of justicethat could previously only be obtained through heroic dungeons and the heroic daily quest. How do you rate the new loot chests for Alliance players? Let us know in the comments.

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