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The next patch for the early access version of the role-playing game Baldur's Gate 3 will make changes to the story. And that means you have to start over.

The first update for Baldur's Gate 3, which makes your savegames unusable

But if you want to keep your score, the Larian Studios offer you an option. It is possible to create a second path for the game. With this you can continue with your previous score, but do not enjoy the changes that the new update brings with it. For this second path you do the following:

  • Right click on the game in your Steam library
  • Select "Properties"
  • Click on the "BETAS" tab
  • Select Patch2 from the list under "Select the beta you want to go for"
  • Closes the properties menu

Now you have the choice whether you want to start path 1 or path 2. This branch function is initially only available for the PC version of BG3. This doesn't work on Google Stadia. The developers also announce that this is the first time that the Baldur's Gate 3 savegames are not compatible with the new game version. This means that you have to expect patches to make your savegames unusable in the future too. By the release of the RPG at the latest, it will be necessary to start from scratch anyway. And if the Larian Studios stick to the previous scheme for their games, an enhanced edition will probably follow some time after the launch of BG3, where you will have to start over.

It is not yet known when Patch 3 for BG 3 will appear. But it is said that he is basically already "at the door".

Source: Steam

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