Baldur's Gate 3 like Dragon Age? You can have sex and relationships

Dragon Age, BioWare once whispered in our ear, was the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate 2. At a time when the upcoming fantasy epic Baldur's Gate 3 is no longer fighting under BioWare's patronage, this could in turn be the spiritual successor of the Dragon- Age range will be. Fate?

Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 is not only going to look like one of the Dragon Age pieces, but is also supposed to be quite similar Relationship system for the first time in the series: In a developer update, Larian Studios talks about motifs, characteristics and goals that drive those NPCs in particular who will accompany you on your journey in the game. And without insisting too much on the Dragon Age comparison: Similar to DA, there will be a camp in which you can primarily strengthen or loosen your relationships:

“There will be a lot of conflict because your party is made up of extremely different characters who normally have nothing in common and would otherwise never form a group. The Conflicts are especially carried out in the campwhen everyone can take the time to reflect on what's happening – or when they think about it, what decisions you madewho might prefer a particular character. "

There is also sex. Lots of sex when you watch the scenes in Developer updatee want to believe (no, of course there is nothing explicit! In the video at least. Pshh.)

Previous story boards as well Motion capture with actors underline all dialogues as well as the cut scenes. The characters you choose for a mission should also always watch you and will – if not immediately – react to your decisions later. If an argument breaks out, it can happen that a member leaves your party – whether alive or dead.

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Baldur's Gate 3 is going to be a new generation Baldur's Gate in many ways, starting with the (Almost) third-person perspective about pimped up graphic up to those Relationship systemsthat other franchises have become famous for. At heart Baldur's Gate remains, of course, a DnD game – which absolutely doesn’t stand in the way of anything else, since role-playing depth is definitely desired here.