Baldur's Gate 3: Multiplayer and Streaming Integration

from Karsten Scholz
The developers of Baldur's Gate 3 have published a ten-minute long video to take a look at the multiplayer of the role-playing game and to reveal how playing together, but also interacting with viewers on Twitch, for example, affects the gaming experience can.

Already in Divinity: Original Sin and the successor Original Sin 2 (under test) it was possible to experience the adventures in co-op with friends and to argue about dialogue decisions to be made. In Larian's new factory, Baldur's Gate 3, the developers use a comparable system, which is supposed to be even more sophisticated and even include streaming viewers via Twitch integration or Stadia Crowd Choice.

How this can look and work exactly is what the sixth part of the video series about the development of Baldur's Gate 3 is all about. The slightly more than nine minutes are definitely worth it if you are toying with a purchase of the game:

Here are some of the lessons learned from the video:

  • The developers add a voting system to the dialogues, with which we can see how our fellow players would make the decision, but which a streamer can also use, for example, to obtain the preferences of the viewer.
  • The dialogue sequences of a character are staged cinematically, from their own perspective. So for a gnome character, the camera has a slightly different angle than when playing a giant.
  • The other player sees when you are in a dialogue. This can take advantage of the "distraction" to steal the characters who are engrossed in the conversation.
  • For example, if you play a vampire who regularly needs blood and you wake up in the evening by the campfire next to your group members, then your fellow campaigners are suggested as potential victims for the next menu. In multiplayer, however, the other players also see that they are on the menu card. And via the voting system in the dialogues, you have the option of promoting the blood of another friend and thus distracting yourself from yourself, or you can offer to sacrifice yourself for the team. However, the potential victims have no control over the situation.
  • These are just two examples of how the developers want to experiment with this type of interaction in the cinematic dialogue scenes.
  • In the battles you can perform actions in multiplayer at the same time in order to let attacks or abilities interact with each other. Even in the original Sin series, it was a lot of fun to combine different spells, objects and elements.

Further information on the multiplayer of Baldur's Gate 3 will be published soon. Starts on September 30th the early access phase of the ambitious role-playing game.

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