Ban punishment for farming too long? Community puzzles

In May we warned you that those in charge at Blizzard rows of WoW Classic playerswho were involved in (actually allowed) promotions where a lot of gold had changed hands in one fell swoop – be it a gold DKP run, buying or selling Black Lotus, or sending valuable mail to the bank character .

After Blizzard recently against 74,000 bot users in WoW Classic was and parallel for the dungeons in WoW (buy now for 14.99 €) Classic one new limit on the number of instance IDs you can deny in a day, has now started to pile up again on Reddit, according to which various players have received a ban for no reason in the past few days.

Affected No. 1 explains that he spends about ten hours with the guild colleague the Maraudon boss before the spell landslide or had its add-ons. It is unclear whether the ban came from this. After his first ticket, a Blizzard employee only told him to use cheats. After another contact attempt, it was said that this was not true. Some other players reportedly reported him, and his sentence was then reduced to six months. Were players from competing Progress guilds trying to take the competition's main tank out of the game? The person concerned wrote to Blizzard again and learned that he should have gained an unfair advantage. This is where landslide comes into play again: Was the player banned because he had bypassed the new 30 ID logout through the regular boss reset?

In a second post yesterday a multiboxer on Reddit reported, who complained about five banned accounts. In the days before the ban (and shortly before the introduction of the 30 ID logout), he had the accounts with his in the Blackrock depths Wild chain of gladiators farmed. Around 260 runs were distributed over a week. The player had repeatedly contacted Blizzard with all the affected accounts to initiate a manual investigation of the case. It is also remarkable how different the reactions of the Blizzard employees are. Even after several contacts, the player still does not know why he was actually banned.

Last but not least, a banned person spoke on Reddit under the post of the first victim, who is also said to have been punished for no reason. In his opinion, all the cases described here (as well as various other cases published on Reddit) have only one thing in common: The banished players had invested a lot of time in the grind of gold or experience points or certain items before the ban. The day before, he had spent a lot of time in Dark East. So much time that he actually scratched the new 30 ID logout. The next day, he wanted to see what items were being sold in the auction house and no longer came into play. After the first ticket, the Blizzard employee probably converted the permanent ban into a 6-month sentence on his own initiative. There were no specific details about the reason here either.

Incidentally, there is another theory in the comments regarding the reason for the ban: Due to the bot flood, some players have apparently made it their task to simply report any character who is too often in Maraudon, Dark Break and Co. What exactly are the reasons for the punishment remains unclear. However, the impression remains that Blizzard's ban system and the customer support based on it continue to be frustratingly unreliable work.

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