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Bargain prices – SSDs and hard drives for PS4 Pro and PC greatly reduced

Image source: Samsung / SanDisk

On Amazon Prime Day 2020, hard drives, SSDs (also for PS4 Pro) and USB sticks are reduced again. So that you don't have to click through countless offers yourself, GIGA has clearly summarized the most important ones for you.

Amazon Prime Day - All information & the best offers

The best USB sticks on Amazon Prime Day 2020

If you still need a USB stick quickly, you should strike now:

The best SSD deals on Amazon Prime Day 2020

With PCI-Express

Samsung's “970 EVO Plus” SSDs with PCIe4 interface are among the best on the market. The write rate is 3300 MB / s. The read rate is 3500 MB / s. This makes them almost 7 times faster than a normal SATA-3 SSD. The EVO variant (without plus) writes with 2400 MB / s and reads with 3400 MB / s.

With SATA 3

These are the usual 2.5-inch SSDs with SATA-3 interface that can be installed in almost any laptop and PC. These SSDs are also used by the PS4 Pro recognized and can lead to significantly shorter loading times.

You can find out how SSDs differ in our video:

External HDDs / Hard Drives on Amazon Prime Day 2020

4 TB Portable storage for just 93.20 euros is a dream: Either as a backup hard drive or as a working hard drive for on the go. In addition, you do not need an additional power supply. The hard drive is supplied with power via the USB port:

Do you need a fast hard drive for on the go? Then buy a portable SanDisk SSD for 109.99 euros:

If "a lot of storage" is not enough, buy a NAS with 16 TB, which serves as mass storage for every PC in your network:

The best Bargains on Prime Day at Amazon in the overview:

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