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We still don't really know what it really looks like with a new game in the Batman Arkham series. But now an artwork has been leaked that shows Batman on a motorcycle.

As an insider reported, the planned Batman game around Bruce Wayne's son Damian has been discontinued to make room for a reboot Batman Arkham-To make rows. Apparently, however, some assets from the discontinued title should be used in the new game, most likely a Bat motorcycle.

Batman rides a motorcycle

The so-called "Batcycle" is a new vehicle that Batman could use in the upcoming game. The artwork shows a sleek motorcycle that is obviously well armored. Heating with it through the streets of Gotham City is certainly fun. It is still unclear whether the motorcycle will really make it into the new game. The person who leaked the artwork said that it was "most likely" to be recycled.

The new Batman Arkham game is said to launch a whole series of DC games, including one in which we embody Superman. When we learn more about the Batman title is unclear. It may be time for E3 in summer.

Source: WCCFTech

Batman: Arkham Knight – The Batmobile in combat mode

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