Batman: Arkham City has sold more than 12 million copies

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In October this year, it was nine years since Rocksteady's second entry in the Batman Arkham series saw the light of day. After all this long time, there is now a message that shows remarkable sales figures for the game of the year 2011. Batman: Arkham City therefore sold exceptionally well in the first year.

It has become quite quiet around the almost nine-year-old second branch of the Arkham series. It has been a good eight years since a last official financial report was published. Now, however, new numbers have emerged that at least reveal how Arkham City did in the first year.

The latest official release said Arkham City sold six million units in the first four months, bringing in $ 360 million. Now new information has emerged that shows that these numbers have doubled by the end of the first year. However, these numbers should be treated with caution, as the report is not an official report from Warner Brothers.

A Twitter user named Timur222 stumbled on the web about this information. The report appears to be from a former global franchise manager who was working for Warner Bros. and uploaded this information to his LinkedIn profile. The manager mentions that Arkham City sold a total of 12.5 million copies by 2012, generating $ 600 million in revenue. So it's no wonder that with such a huge success, two more sequels were developed.

Arkham Knight sold even better in comparison. Here, the developers were able to enjoy five million units in the first four months. Arkham Knight is the fastest selling game in the series. It is all the more surprising that no further sequel to the Arkham series has yet been announced.

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