Do you remember? One of our readers contacted us and stated that he wanted to buy credit at a branch of Aldi Süd, but received a code for WoW game time printed on a receipt. A Blizzard employee then informed this reader that Aldi no longer had any credit in the program. If such a code mix-up should occur, then those affected should contact Blizzard support with a ticket. First of all: There are still both credit and WoW game time at Aldi Süd. To make sure you're getting the right product, keep an eye out for any prepaid cards issued. If there is no such display in the branch, you can use the code token to make sure that you have bought the right product.

Because the whole story turns out to be a bit more complicated, as we found out in correspondence with our reader and a Medion employee in the "Electronic Service Distribution Service" area. Of course, we don't want to withhold from you what our readers and we have now learned.

It should be noted that the WoW game time was also a credit product until recently. In other words: The purchased value could also be added to your credit and not only to your playing time. According to Medion, this has been changed at Blizzard so that redeeming a WoW game time code only grants game time for WoW. Our reader went to the checkout of his Aldi branch and asked for credit, which so far has always cost him 25.98 euros.

Now we have received the following declaration from Medion: "The credit as a physical card is only available at Aldi SÜD in a second position in the branch and not at the cash register. However, not all branches (depending on the size) are equipped with this secondary position and the cashier can only use As mentioned, the value 25.98 € of the 60-day WoW game time could also be used as credit up to about 2 months ago. This was, however, made by Blizzard changed."

So a couple of unfortunate coincidences have met. Although our reader wanted to buy credit, he always received a voucher for WoW game time in his branch. Since a change has apparently taken place at Blizzard a short time ago, he did not receive the credit on his account as usual when redeeming it, but just WoW playing time – like some other Blizzard fans. The Medion employee writes that not every Aldi employee knows the difference between credit and playing time. But because there was no booking difference at Blizzard until recently, it was not noticed that game time was actually converted into credit.

As already mentioned: If such a code mix-up should occur, then those affected should contact Blizzard support with a ticket. Many thanks to our reader and to the Medion employee for the information!

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