Battle Pass for Season 2 (Chapter 2) with Deadpool

of Johannes Gehrling
At 10 a.m.German time, worldwide downtime began in Fortnite. The reason: the new season begins! Season 1 of the new Chapter 2, which has now ended, was the longest ever in the Battle Royale shooter, but now the new season is ready with lots of new content. As the official Epic Games trailer for the new Battle Pass reveals, there is now a Deadpool skin.

At this moment the new season is in Fortnite (buy now for 27.39 €) Although not yet playable, the update data for the various platforms has already been released and the downtime has started as announced at 10 a.m. (after German time). In the run-up, there was a lot of puzzling about what innovations were waiting for the players, and Epic Games even spread cryptic clues online and in the real world. But now all the guesswork is over, because the manufacturer has published a cinematic trailer for the new season as well as a video for the new Battle Pass, which introduces some of the new content, via YouTube, Twitter and Co.

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New Fortnite skin: Deadpool!

Thanks to this video, it is now known that there will be many new skins for your own character – so far nothing special. Underneath there is obviously a deadpool outfit, which can be seen at the end of the trailer. Deadpool wallows in a large pile of V-Bucks (Fortnite's in-game currency) while some of the other new skins surround it. These include, for example, the gold version of the secret agent Midas and the customizable soldier; also a whole new kind of skin for the Battle Royale shooter.

Is Deadpool part of the Battle Pass? Not clear at the moment. Based on Epic's strategy in the past, it should be a skin that you have to purchase extra for V-Bucks in the Item Shop, which you cannot unlock by leveling up.

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