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Ubisoft executives launched Hyper Scape’s open beta on July 12th. We'll tell you where to download the new Battle Royale game and what to expect in the futuristic survival struggles.

First there was a leak, then the official announcement from Ubisoft: with Hyper Scape, the developers of Ubisoft Montreal now have a Battle Royale shooter in the starting blocks. Since July 12th, interested parties can plunge into the open test phase and experience for themselves whether the virtual struggle for survival is good.

The developers describe Hyper Scape's unique selling proposition as follows:

"Hyper Scape is the unique futuristic free-to-play battle royale first-person shooter, in which the challengers struggle to become the next world champion in fast, urban and vertical matches.

Hyper Scape was designed from the ground up as an interactive streaming spectacle and enables streamers and content creators to interact with their audience like never before. This makes each match unique and changes the way we watch video games. Thanks to the active participation of fans around the world, every battle and victory is unique. "

Hyper Scape: New Battle Royale shooter from Ubisoft in the first trailer

You can already find out how this works in practice in the Open Beta:

The Open Beta (only on PC) should run until the official release (on PC, Xbox One and PS4) and the start of the first season. All participants in the beta phase can take their progress and all unlocks with them. The following content awaits you in the current beta phase:

  • The Crown Hunt squad game mode, a battle royale in which 33 teams of 3 players compete against each other.
  • The solo game mode Crown Hunt, a battle royale with 100 players.
  • 2 time-limited modes that are activated during the test.
  • 10 weapons
  • 10 hacks
  • 9 standard champion outfits
  • A free Battlepass with 30 levels, including cosmetic items that players can keep at the end of Open Beta

There will also be a game shop where you can buy cosmetic items with Bitcrowns, Hyper Scape's digital currency. If you decide to purchase any objects, they will still be available after the Open Beta ends. The Crowncast Twitch extension also includes new features. Viewers can progress through the Battlepass by watching streams, and streamers can invite viewers to their squad.

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Hyper Scape: New Battle Royale shooter from Ubisoft in the first trailer

Ubisoft has unveiled a new Battle Royale shooter with Hyper Scape and actually offers some playful differences compared to already known titles from the genre. Behind the game is the team from Ubisoft Montreal, also known for Rainbow Six Siege. Hyper Scape can be tested in a technical test for the PC until July 7th. Later the title will also appear for the console.

Hyper Scape: Open Beta of Ubisoft's Battle Royale game has started (1) (Source: Ubisoft)