If you've ever wondered what the developers behind Spec Ops: The Line are doing today – here's The Cycle: Yager's new F2P project is a competitive battle royale shooter with quests that takes you twenty minutes across a hostile alien planet chases. And then? Simply, then you escape – or die.

Whatever you think, when you read Battle Royale – it's not exactly what The Cycle does. The German developer Yager wants with the Battle Royale shooter Bring new wind into a bit of withering genre, and not only mix PvE with PvP, but also let you do quests while running for your life.

You are prospectors – a sort of prospector – on the hostile planet Fortuna III (what a name!), Over which a gigantic, deadly storm sweeps every twenty minutes. If you were not at the rescue ship until then, that's it: the life of a prospector is not easy. What you are looking for, of course, is not just gold, but all sorts of precious resources. You can get it especially if you complete special quests in the small time window of the match. Missions that other players are keen on – and from here The Cycle differs profound from other Battle Royale shooters: You can team up with your fellow players, but then share all the revenue. Or you pop them off as soon as they dare to enter your field of vision. What is the better strategy?

And what is the other player planning while you are still thinking? If you die, the match is over for you – and in addition to the ominous teammates, several monsters are just waiting to eat you up in your adventure. You can use all the resources that you occasionally bring in between the rounds for three different factions. If you increase your reputation with them, you get better weapons and items – and you get stronger. The Cycle got on the August 12, 2019 in the release shot, and can now (so in this second) be played for free by you, Or you take a curious look at the Gameplay trailer to the game:

The community decides where The Cycle will go

Fallout 76 has proven that it does not have to be too bad if the community is allowed to have a say in the evolution of a game. No Man's Sky even showed us that it can save a game – and Dead By Daylight keeps reminding you how to do it right: approaches to an open development meanwhile go through several games, from Kickstarter projects to AAA titles They are working hand in hand with their Reddit community to find the way to a better game.

Yager's The Cycle starts Open DevelopmentWithout compromise: You are allowed to vote, co-determine and express wishes – but above all you can play The Cycle for free. Meanwhile, revenues are generated via cosmetic items. We talked to Yager about this particular kind of game development and about the benefits of interacting with the community:

"For us, it is important that we see exactly what the Tendencies of the community are. So that we can react when we have a very clear tendency to suggest that a new feature is bad or may not work at all. That's why we're regular from the beginning Feedback surveys with the community made."

The team around The Cycle not only reacts to criticism, but also notes the Wishes of the community and continues to develop the shooter. This means without question that just that community could test and play new features in advance – in an open beta. Currently there is one Reddit forum. Discord channels and twitch streams on the official channelthrough which the developers get in contact with the players.

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It is a Interesting mix of Grind Shooter and Battle Royale with co-op and quests, like everyone else Service Game is tinkered with the time. Do you want to take part, get yourselves? The Cycle Just go through the Epic Store and play a few laps – but do not forget to give Yager some feedback on the way. Also, my colleague Alex was allowed to play the shooter with the development team, channeling his inner Katniss Everdeen (you know you want to read it now).

For GIGA editor Alex, The Cycle is the ideal battle royale mix

"I'm not a big fan of PvP battles. Everything is hectic, stressful and always an inner voice tells me that the person has guaranteed me 100 hours or more of playing time and experience. So why dare to start a fight that I can not win at all?

That's why I've been more involved with Battle Royale games, because even if I channel my inner Katniss Everdeen and hide the entire match behind a stone, I still have to be gifted and good at the latest in the final phase of the game measure equipped opponents.

The Cycle, on the other hand, offers the ideal mixed form. Talented PvP professionals can jump straight into battles with other players – or at least contracts that also call other players as competitors – while wary minds like myself take on a range of PvE challenges. Breaking down crystals, for example. Of course I have to defend myself in this case against the local fauna, but fortunately they are not armed with high-level sniper rifles.

With prudence and diligence, so too, in my previous matches, I have always been able to get into the top half of the leaderboard, especially by rewarding specialization in certain types of contracts in The Cycle. Sure, at some point I should and should try to fight human adversaries, but until that happens, I can get to know The Cycle at my own pace and unlock better equipment instead of being thrown into the cold PvP water like in other games become. And I'm pretty thankful for that. "