You may have heard of a dystopian novel about teenagers fighting to the death in a televised competition. The book was the basis for an extremely successful film and shaped an entire generation – we're talking about battle royale, of course. The concept can also be applied wonderfully to video games. Not necessarily with teenagers in the lead roles, but arguably with a fight at the end of which only one is left. We present you the ten best Battle Royale games currently available.

Cuisine Royale Second Edition: Fulfillment of All Desires itself has a cumbersome name in abbreviated form. The game of the makers of Enlisted started in 2018 as an April Fool's joke and still uses many assets from the original game to this day. The developers actually wanted to find out about the hype surrounding PUBG (buy now € 17.75 ) make fun of and created the game as a satire battle royale, in which you arm yourself with kitchen utensils and carry your weapons around in shopping bags.

Gradually these items disappeared and in December 2020 Cuisine Royale was renamed. The arcade weapon control is much more beginner-friendly than with more realistic genre representatives, which means that even newbies sometimes meet opponents. Despite the departure from the satirical orientation, there are still supernatural items and skills, such as gravity boots, health-promoting cigars, zombie incantations and more. Most of the skills are unlocked by playing, but some are character-specific and tied to the champions you choose at the beginning.

Crsed: F.O.A.D. Originally started as a parody of PUBG.

Crsed: F.O.A.D. Originally started as a parody of PUBG.

Source: Darkflow Software

After several spin-offs, mergers, realignments and developer changes, Z1 Battle Royale 2019 has landed again with the original makers Daybreak Game Company. The game, which started as H1Z1, initially surprised with amazingly fun battle royale matches, although the title was actually designed for survival gameplay in the style of a DayZ.

All the typical features of the genre are available: You start the round with a parachute jump, you have to get to loot as quickly as possible after landing in order to defend yourself against 99 other players. The special thing about Z1, however, is that you can build temporary items such as fire arrows or bandages from scrap lying around. The crafting from the former main game was transferred to the Battle Royale offshoot, which makes Z1 Battle Royale stand out a bit from the crowd.

Z1 Battle Royale ticks off all typical genre elements of a Battle Royale.

Z1 Battle Royale ticks off all typical genre elements of a Battle Royale.

Source: Daybreak

Something from the series of the Battle Royale games is dancing Tetris 99. Here you don't have to blow your opponents overboard, but instead stack blocks in the good old Tetris tradition. But not alone, of course, because as the name suggests, you and 98 other players are about to break down blocks as effectively as possible. It is important to decide which opponents you send your successfully reduced ranks.

You can let the game decide which of you will be targeted, but you can also attack the player with the highest tower, so you might be knocked out. dust off. That, however, puts you in the sights of the people who have the players with the most kill badges on the kieker. But you can also simply counter when you are attacked, and thus force the attacker into a duel. No matter which tactic you use, in the end whoever is left wins in the end.

In Tetris 99 you don't shoot what you have got, but diligently dissolve rows.

In Tetris 99 you don't shoot what you think, but diligently break up rows.

Source: Arika

Ring of Elysium is PUBG with extreme sports – that's how you could summarize the game in a nutshell and wouldn't be so wrong. Weapons, armor and items are very similar to the items in the PUBG model. The special skills in the form of bicycles, climbing equipment, grappling hooks and hang gliders provide additional tactical options. If you have a bike in your pocket, you can search for loot in a more relaxed manner, because with the bike you can cycle away from the deadly circle in no time at all. With the grappling hook you get to places where the opponents would never suspect you, so you can set up nasty ambushes. A snowboard was also available on the snow map that was played last season. Maybe it will come back in future updates, or we will get completely new gadgets to hand.

Another special feature of Ring of Elysium, which does not have that much influence on the course of the game, is the helicopter, which appears in the last circle and brings you to safety. There is room for four people in the helicopter, so you should hurry to avoid being left behind. In Ring of Elysium, the winner is not necessarily the one who hides best until the end, but the one who seizes the chance at the right moment and sprints to the helicopter.

Ring of Elysium is very reminiscent of PUBG, but brings its own twist to the genre with extreme sports.

Ring of Elysium is very reminiscent of PUBG, but brings its own twist to the genre with extreme sports.

Source: Tencent Games

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is another outlier on our list that doesn't get bogged down. You compete against each other with your bean-shaped figurines in several games. The whole thing is reminiscent of game shows like Wipeout or Takeshi's Castle. In some matches you have to compete against each other in races over an obstacle course or balance on platforms for as long as possible. In other games you compete in a team or have to steal items from your opponents. In the end, it all comes down to a grand finale, where the best – but sometimes the luckiest – players fight for the crown.

Fall Guys was available for free on PS Plus in August 2020 and reached a large number of players early on, but the bustle is also extremely popular on the PC. On March 22nd, after the second season with medieval themes and the third season, in which it was wintry, the fourth season starts with the theme of the future. The color scheme and costumes are more reminiscent of the 80s, or rather the future as people imagined in the 80s. In addition, there is also a crossover with the popular indie game Among Us in the fourth season.

Fall Guys made a steep climb thanks to its availability in PS Plus.

Fall Guys made a steep climb thanks to its availability in PS Plus.

Source: Mediatonic

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

The game that started it all: Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is not the game that invented Battle Royale, but it sparked the hype around the genre and is still one of the best representatives of its kind. The realistic setting and the ballistics of the weapons make PUBG a challenging and difficult game to master. New modes and maps keep the experience fresh and encourage old hands to come back again and again. That is why PUBG is still one of the most played games on Steam, matches happen at any time in a few moments.

Without weapons and equipment, you start every round in an airplane and after the parachute jump you have to quickly get to a place where you first collect guns, vests and medipacks in order to be prepared for later fights. Then you slowly fight your way to the center of the circle, ideally without drawing too much attention to yourself. But you can also jump in the middle of a battle and jump off at a point where many players cavort thanks to the increased volume of loot. Then you pick up the first weapon you find, take the opponents by surprise and then heat the map with the loudest cart. Both tactics can lead to success, in the end only the one who survives the longest counts.

The first Erangel card in PUBG has received a facelift.

The first Erangel card in PUBG has received a facelift.

Source: PUBG Corp.

Call of Duty: Warzone was released in March 2020 as a standalone offshoot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Unlike its big brother, the Battle Royale version of Call of Duty costs nothing and can be downloaded separately from the main game. At the time, PUBG impressed with 100 players fighting each other at the same time, Warzone even surpassed that and sent 150 players into the fight for life and death. Special modes are even populated by 200 players and, according to the rumor mill, there will be 250 players simultaneously on one map from the next update. Call of Duty: Warzone is already the biggest battle royale when it comes to the crowd, and the game is also really good.

Gunplay is familiar to every Call of Duty player, you can quickly find your way into matches. Warzone offers a unique quest system: through contracts you upgrade your weapons, obtain important information or revive your fellow players. Contracts are missions that you can complete. This carries a certain risk every time, so you have to weigh up whether a contract is worthwhile. If you complete the mighty Most Wanted contract, for example, you will bring your entire team back from the realm of the dead. However, you will also be marked on the map for all other players, which will not make your survival easy.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, most players can be on one map at the same time.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, most players can be on one map at the same time.

Source: Activision

Why not magic instead of creaking? This is what the developers of Spellbreak asked themselves and developed a battle royale that dispenses with shooting beating and instead provides your character with magical gloves. Before a round, your battle mage determines the element of his main hand. Other items such as a second magic glove, armor-enhancing belts, amulets that allow more mana to jump and special movement skills can be found in several levels of value on the battlefield. Every magic glove plays differently: If you choose Frost as your main weapon, for example, you zoom in on your opponents in the style of a sniper and charge your attack. If you aim your shot at the ground, you can skate on the frozen ground, with your secondary attack you freeze opponents, making them an easy target.

With the previously existing elements stone, energy, frost, fire, storm and poison, you create combinations of the elements either with a second glove or with a teammate. The poison cloud is not causing enough damage? Light them up and blow them up! Spellbreak also looks really good, with its anime look it reminds a little of the works of Studio Ghibli and stands out visually from other battle royales. Spellbreak currently promises to be one of the best games in the genre. The developers still have to address one problem: The magic gloves are not well balanced. If the team gets this problem under control, Spellbreak should soon enchant even more players.

Spellbreak stands out with its great anime look.

Spellbreak stands out with its great anime look.

Source: PC Games

Electronic Arts' horse in the Battle Royale race goes by the name of Apex Legends. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends is set in the same universe as the Titanfall franchise. At the start of the round you choose one of currently 15 hero characters with their own abilities, which actually differ drastically in the way they play. In this regard, Apex Legends can best be compared to Overwatch.

You have to go stalking in teams, for example, so team play and synergies between the various heroes are more clearly in focus. If you have no friends, you are put into a squad with random players. A solo mode was also offered as part of an event, but was not well received because the skills of many heroes are designed for team play, so they were useless. So you still have to rely on a friend or two. The game is now in its eighth season, during which new heroes, cards and many other content are constantly being added to the game. So the content stays fresh.

The heroes in Apex Legends play completely differently and have to use their common synergies.

The heroes in Apex Legends play completely differently and have to use their common synergies.

Source: Respawn Entertainment

Anyone who thought that Fortnite would not appear on this list, cannot be helped. Fortnite Battle Royale jumped onto the hype bus just three months after the release of PUBG and it is not slowing down, even without a bomb on board. With the full power of Epic Games and numerous deals with well-known franchises such as the Marvel Universe, Star Wars, DC Comics, Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Terminator, Alien, but also other video games such as Halo, God of War, Street Fighter or Borderlands , on the other hand, it only picks up speed. The colorful, over-the-top style, as well as the many brands and the free-to-play model, exactly meet the taste of the young target group. The construction aspect, which was adopted from the original "Save the World" version, also sets Fortnite apart from its genre colleagues and creates a dynamic of its own. Otherwise, of course, the principle of every Battle Royale also applies to the most successful representative of its kind: The winner is whoever stands at the end.

The newest Season 4 "Nexus War" from Fortnite does not work on iOS devices. Manufacturer Epic now wants to take legal action that Apple has to offer the app for download in the app store again.

Fortnite trumps with licenses. Many Marvel characters have been featured in the game.

Source: Epic Games



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