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DICE is preparing the Tides of War chapter 6 and a new update for Battlefield 5. In a recent Reddit thread, community manager Jeff Braddock lets it be known that there may be some news about the upcoming content in the coming week. So far, however, there is no concrete timetable. Meanwhile, as part of the weekly challenges, the developers are releasing a new conquest playlist with extreme weather conditions. For example, a powerful storm is waiting for you on Pacific Storm.

DICE is preparing the next update for Battlefield 5, according to a recent Reddit contribution from the developers. In "Outlook for this week", community manager Jeff Braddock writes that information about the new patch may be expected in the coming week. The same also applies to information on Tides of War chapter 6. Braddock did not want to commit himself in his statements. "There are a lot of discussions going on within the team right now. I can't share anything with you right now," commented the community manager to the questions of the fans. Therefore, further details about the upcoming content remain to be seen.

After all, the developers are releasing a new playlist today. As part of the weekly challenges, various conquest maps can be played under extreme weather conditions. Heavy rain, sandstorms and thunderstorms are included. For example, a sandstorm awaits you in Hamada.

A heavy thunderstorm is raging on Pacific Storm. Other maps are Marita, Mercury, Devastation, Narvik and Fjell 652. In our news section we will of course keep you up to date on Battlefield 5. The first person shooter is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The currently running Chapter 5 in Tides of War has been active in the first person shooter since the end of October. (buy now for € 31.46)

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