Battlefield 5: Update changes the time-to-kill again – game updates

of Lucas Ott
After long criticism from the community, EA and DICE give in. The time-to-kill (TTK) is adjusted again. In the course of Update 6.2, the changes to the weapons that were introduced in Update 5.0 will be withdrawn or adjusted.

Battlefield 5 (buy now for 27.77 €) Developer DICE announced on Reddit what weapon changes will be made in the upcoming Patch 6.2. For a good three months now, players have been criticizing the time-to-kill changes introduced by Update 5.2. The Online shooter has had problems finding a consensus for the TTK since the release.

With the update, DICE hopes that there will be a little more dynamism in the fighting over short distances. The damage was adjusted again so that it corresponds to the TTK from Update 5.2. Opponents should be quickly eliminated again at a short distance. The values ​​were also adjusted at medium to long distances, but not quite as extreme – a middle ground between the TTK in Update 5.2 and the one before.

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In addition, the damage to the different distances is no longer scaled by the rate of fire, but by the different weapon classes. For example, assault rifles and LMGs now do significantly more damage at longer distances than SMGs with a comparable rate of fire. In the course of this adjustment, the muzzle velocity of the repeating rifles was increased so that they are again the strongest weapons at long and very long distances. Information about the other changes that will occur with Update 6.2 is expected soon.

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Battlefield 5 players will get access to Update 6.0 today. The patch will be available for download from 10 a.m.

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