Finally the time has come. After months of waiting and speculating, Electronic Arts finally has tangible information announced for the new Battlefield. Like the official Twitter channel the shooter Series announced, we can look forward to a big reveal event on June 9th. It should start at 4 p.m. German time – probably on YouTube, but live streams via Twitch and Facebook are also possible. However, those responsible have not yet revealed what exactly the Swedish developers at DICE will show us.

However, some suspicions are obvious – for example, that the official name of the game is mentioned for the first time. So far, Battlefield 6 has mostly been mentioned. It seems unlikely that this is the actual title. Most recently, it was reported that EA would completely dispense with numbering on the new offshoot, so it should plain and simple Battlefield be called. Fact or fiction? The motto here is: wait and see and drink tea.

The final revelation of the setting seems a bit safer: There were already some rumors that the shooter would be a little more futuristic overall. In leaked screenshots and trailers Snippets of a rocket launch on an island, soldiers in black combat suits and various Osprey attack helicopters were shown. From The robot dogthat serve as vehicles have been rumored.

A look at gameplay or game modes, on the other hand, seem quite unrealistic. Electronic Arts and DICE will most likely not reveal a specific release date either. So it remains with the sparse information that the makers have revealed so far: Battlefield will appear on both the current-gen and next-gen consoles and offer everything that fans love about the series. The Andrew Wilson promised, at least, Head of Publisher EA, in a current annual report.

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