DICE and Electronic Arts prepare to announce Battlefield 6. Apparently, those responsible have to reschedule shortly before the first public presentation: As the well-known insider in the BF community reports, the developers are preparing a completely new trailer. “I was told that in all probability we will see a completely different reveal trailer and not the one that was leaked.” It is not known where Henderson gets the latest information about the debut trailer for the new BF trailer. This should allow the developers to react to the extensive trailer leaks that have roamed the Internet in the past few days and weeks.

Most recently, fans had lined up the screenshots leaked from the trailer and one “Own” trailer for Battlefield 6 released. There were also rumors that the leaked trailer was only intended for the eyes of investors. Henderson said: “I can say with 100 percent confidence that this is not the case.” According to the information, a number of community members already had the opportunity to view the “Rocket Launch Trailer”.

It remains to be seen whether the rumors about a completely new BF trailer will come true. We should find out more in June. A teaser recently revealed that the presentation of the new First person shooters in the coming month should take place. The release is currently announced for autumn 2021 – on PC and consoles. We will keep you up to date in our news area.

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