They are said to be the first on the Internet Screenshots from Battlefield 6 surfaced. The image material made public via shows two aerial photos from the first person shooter: A screenshot seems to be based on the popular Wake Island map from earlier BF parts. The second picture could show a missile base in Japan, suspects the Charlie Intel website. In addition, fans take a first look at the user interface of a helicopter. You can see the images in the Twitter post embedded below.

The leaker Tom Henderson, known in the Battlefield community, writes on Twitter that the screenshots should come from the Battlefield 6 announcement trailer. “And yes, the two Battlefield images that were shared recently are real,” comments Henderson, who apparently has already seen the trailer himself. The video for Battlefield 6 may have been streamed in a low resolution. That would also explain the low resolution of the images circulating on the Internet. Using upscale software, fans subsequently edited the material to improve the quality.

DICE itself recently announced that the Announcement of the new Battlefield “coming soon” is taking place. At what time the new first person shooter will finally be presented to the public is not yet known. One possible platform could be the EA Play event, which is expected in June this year. Until then, you should enjoy the BF6 leak with caution. As soon as we get more information, you will find out as usual on our website. BF6 is slated to appear this fall.

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