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In the United States, the presidential election is currently being counted and Trump has declared himself the winner of the election even before the end of the count, and is currently behind. The members of Big Dumb Golde Guardien, better known under their previous name Big Dumb Guild, have now followed this example and have made themselves the winners of the upcoming World First Race.

If the Potus (President of the United States) Trump does that, why shouldn't anyone else be allowed to. What is meant is the fact that Trump simply declared himself the winner before the election results were counted – although he was even behind at this point. Oh yes, of course he wants to stop the further counting, if necessary in court.

"What he can do, we can too!", thought the boys and girls of the guild BDGG – Big Dumb Golden Guardien, which is known to most by the old name Big Dumb Guild. And so the US guild declared itself the winner of the upcoming World First Race in WoW's first raid (buy now 15.00 € ) Shadowlands: Nathria Castle.

In addition, they thank everyone in advance for the congratulations and of course, following their example, they asked that you should stop counting kills after the ninth (even though the raid includes ten bosses). You should also know that in the past the Big Dumb Guild were the first to knock down the front bosses, because contrary to the absolute top guilds such as Limit, they start in the mythical mode directly at the ID start, while the competition still has a round of equipment collects in heroic mode.

Of course we didn't want to withhold this little joke from the US guild. Perhaps we should soon decide ourselves to be the boss, or declare ourselves as winners in the lottery branch and stop the further draws. We fear, however, that our chances are much worse than that of Big Dumb Golden Guardien to really achieve the World First in Nathria Castle.

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