Have you ever heard of the motorcycle racing game Ride 4? If not, it’s time because everyone is talking about the game right now. The reason is a published video that goes viral and shows what graphic power the PlayStation 5 actually has.

PlayStation 5

Gamers can no longer stop being amazed

“I thought this was real footage” is a comment you read several times under a recently released YouTube video. It’s no wonder either, you really have the feeling like watching a motorcyclist driving with a good helmet camera – but it’s not real.

Ride 4 is the latest chapter in a racing franchise that launched in October 2020. In January 2021 an upgrade for the next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X followed and although the game only hits a 74 on sites like Metacritic, It’s now hailing compliments for developer Milestone.

The Joy of Gaming YouTube channel recently released a video for Ride 4 that was recorded while playing on the PS5 console. Both the machines and the environment see at 60 FPS and a resolution of 4K just beautiful.

Get an impression of the PS5 performance in the video:

(Those: YouTube, Metacritic)

PS5: Immersive gaming thanks to the DualSense controller

PS5 players in particular can look forward to a special gaming experience with Ride 4 thanks to the controller’s haptic feedback. the Vibrations and audio feedback ensure that you feel like you’re on a real road. The resistance of the controller for gas and brake make the whole thing even more authentic.

In Ride 4 you can look forward to a career mode with fast-paced challenges around the world, championships and other modes. If you want to customize your characters, you can use the Editor for bikes, suits and helmets even increase.

Ride 4 is currently heavily discounted on Amazon:

RIDE 4 (PS5)

RIDE 4 (PS5)

(Those: Ride 4)

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