Beautiful map of Azeroth made of walnut wood and resin

from Tanja Adov
Azeroth is the most beautiful place in World of Warcraft! The great continents and the numerous islands form the center of a fascinating world, in the heart of which a titan slumbers. To appreciate this beauty, an artist couple named whengeekscraft creates a unique masterpiece – a plastic map of Azeroth made of wood and resin. Take a look at the process of creating the artwork with us.

Walnut wood, resin and colors are things that player dreams are made of. An artist couple named whengeekscraft creates an impressive WoW masterpiece in the form of a large map of Azeroth. The framed picture shows all known continents of the planet. The land masses consist of thin walnut wood panels, while the water is made from a mixture of epoxy resin and blue paint. The fine details such as the names of the continents and cities were finally created in a laser cut. In the following video you can look over the artist's shoulder at work. Have fun!

This work of art made of many different materials is a commissioned work. The creator of this card was based on the wishes of the customer, she herself never played World of Warcraft or the Warcraft series. The handicrafts, however, made Azeroth curious. When chatting, the artists finally admit that they would like to do a round in WoW in the near future. They want to experience for themselves what their friends who play WoW are so fascinated by the Warcraft universe. The original message says:

We make a lot of fantasy maps with our laser cutter and epoxy resin. For a recent commission, we made a map of Azeroth from World of Warcraft (buy now for 33.95 €). While we were never WoW players, we have always had friends that played and were always interested in the world. After being asked to make it, we took a deep dive into the Maps of Azeroth. The world is amazing, and this is what we came up with. There are so many different versions of this map from throughout the years but what we made was a mixture of many maps with the customer's preference in mind. After making this map, I really want to start playing! If you have feedback about the map's arrangement or missing elements, know that we purposely left some pieces out and highlighted areas based on what the customer wanted.

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