Become a member for only 44,99 Euro

You have not wanted to use PS Plus yet because it costs you too much? Do not despair! For you we have the cheapest offer ready. How to use this and if you are qualified, you will learn here.

Were you not sure if PS Plus was worth it for you or was it just too expensive for you? Now is probably the perfect time to decide for a membership. The GameStopZing currently offers one Discount of 25 percent on the annual membership. Thus be only 44.99 euros instead of the usual 59.99 euros due. Everyone can benefit from this campaign – even existing customers.

That's why PS Plus pays off – the following games will be completely free for PS Plus members in October 2019:

Price development for 12 months PS Plus

For most PS Plus belongs to their PlayStation good sound. That is why it is of course all the better if you can save properly in the annual subscription. On average, the membership fee was usually around 50 euros, with some exceptions. The historic lowest price so far this year was 29.99 euros – see Price comparison at idealo, This action was only available for one day. With 44.99 euros nevertheless an offer, which is worthwhile.

With these tricks, you'll make your PlayStation 4 an even better console:

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These are the 12 best tips for the PlayStation 4

Your advantages with PS Plus

With PS Plus you can not only gamble online with other players, you guys too 100 gigabytes of cloud storage available for your PS4 scores. In addition, you get monthly new free games and exclusive discounts in the PlayStation Store.

Will you get the PS Plus membership for a year as it is currently so cheap or is it still too expensive for you? Or you just do not understand the meaning of the service? Write us your opinion below in the comments.