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In view of the fact that guilds in WoW Classic have been preparing for the opening of Ahn'Qiraj for weeks and months and have planned meticulously who will be the first scarab lord of the server, the successes of the US WoW server Faerlina and the EU Servers Razorgore all the more impressive. Because they now have guildless scarab lords, thanks to the help of the realm community.

There are certainly quite a few guilds on the WoW Classic servers who have already planned completely how they will master the war effort to open AQ 20 and 40 before the start of phase 5 and the availability of the Ahn'qiraj raids. And the opening itself was of course extremely fast on some realms, thanks to the joint work of the big guilds. All the cooler, however, that detailed planning can help not only guild members to the "title" Scarab Lord, but also guildless players – and even the coveted Qiraji tank drone! As is well known, this is only available for the heroes who either strike the gong to open Ahn'qiraj first or then subsequently in the ten hours after the very first gong strike. Then there is a layer in the shaft.

One of these guildless players is David "dwpoker" Williams, a professional and well-known poker and magic player from the USA, who has also clearly developed a passion for World of Warcraft. He tweeted that he was the guildless scarab prince on the US Classic server Faerlina, who posed for a screenshot with his black Qiraji armored drone. "I couldn't have done it without the help of so many," he writes. "Thanks to everyone who helped over these two absolutely crazy weeks!" Williams especially thanks the player @TipsOutBaby, because he got the head of the brood guard Dreschbringer from him. Great achievement, because in view of the extensive requirements and the time limit, it is not easy to master all tasks without guild support.

This achievement is not the only one of its kind WoWHead authors came across Williams' tweet and were subsequently informed that the player Okami from the EU server Razorgore had succeeded in doing something similar. Congratulations on one of the most coveted Classic Mounts, and by the way, one of the rarest mounts in all of WoW history!

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