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The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus presents our society, many companies and everyone with great challenges. Challenges that we as editors face. Recently, more and more people visited our website, but due to the uncertain situation, many companies have paused or reduced their advertising spending. Various sources (here, here and here) draw a corresponding picture for the next few months, and we too may be affected. Without the expected revenue from advertising and advertising revenue, we would also need the help of our community – including yours.

You can now support us as a buffed supporter so that we can continue to offer our content in the usual way for free without introducing a paywall or publishing misleading articles.

How can you specifically help us?

You have two options to support us in the current crisis situation: as a buffed supporter or as an online subscriber. If you want to help us once with a small amount, choose the buffed supporter option. If you want to help us in the long term, take our online subscription. Simply choose the option that suits you the most.

Every contribution counts!

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Will I get anything if I only support you once?

Yes! If you support us once, you will get ad-free for 31 days. In order for this to work, you have to log in to before you make a donation or register there beforehand so that we can allocate your payment and activate the online subscription for you.

In addition, as a buffed supporter you will get your own badge and will be identified as a supporter in the comments and in the forum (see graphic below)

If you are interested in the online subscription, you can see all the advantages of the subscription here. Online subscribers automatically receive the supporter badge and are identified as supporters in the forums and comments.

Important: Unlike with an online subscription, ad-free access does not extend if you make a one-time payment via Laterpay. You do not have to cancel the ad-free access and you will not receive any advertising emails from us, but only a one-time reminder that your ad-free access is expiring. As a buffed supporter, you make no commitments and you are completely free to support us again at a later date.

Your supporter badge will be shown at these points:

What is the difference between buffed supporter and an online subscription?

We want to give our community a quick and easy way to help us in the current situation. As a buffed supporter you can support us once and help us through the crisis with your contribution. The difference to the online subscription is that you only make a one-off contribution and do not take out a subscription for six or twelve months, which is automatically renewed. buffed-Supporter is intended for all those who want to help us at short notice, but do not have the money or the interest to take out an online subscription.

I already have the online subscription. Do I get the badge too?

Naturally! Both the supporter badge and the supporter status are automatically activated for all online subscribers.

Why doesn't buffed have a paywall?

In the past, we decided against the increasing trend to put important issues behind a paywall or to lure more people to our site with false content promises. We want to continue to publish our researched articles and guides on free of charge. You can now help us as a buffed supporter to keep this idea alive.

How is buffed financed?

45 percent of our income comes from advertising revenue, the rest from subscription and magazine sales. About 72 percent of our expenditure is on our staff, including freelance authors. We spend 18 percent on the manufacture and delivery of the PC Games MMORE, and the rest is divided between rent, infrastructure (IT, hosting, etc.) and various small individual items. The challenging economic situation in the media business in recent years can be exacerbated by the COVID 19 crisis. Losses in advertising revenue can lead to a drop in sales, the impact of which is difficult to predict.

What happens to the money?

Every cent helps to secure the jobs of the editors and is used to cover the costs and the further development of our website.

How can I pay?

If you want to support us once, you can do it via the laterpay platform.

After clicking on the (Become a supporter?) Button (?), The payment process at Laterpay opens.

After clicking on "Buy now" you may have to register with Laterpay or log in with an existing account, unless you are already logged in.

If you are logged in, you can choose a payment method – credit card, direct debit or PayPal are offered.

Then you enter the remaining account details and click on "Next".

If a means of payment is stored, the purchase amount and billing address are confirmed.

Then you will be redirected back to our page, where we will activate the online subscription and activate the badge and forum status if the purchase is successful.

Do I have to cancel the online subscription that you activate as a buffed supporter?

No, you do not have to cancel access to the online subscription. It expires automatically after thirty days. We will inform you shortly beforehand via email, but nothing else will happen. Of course we are very happy if you would like to support us afterwards – whether with the conclusion of an online subscription or with another one-time payment as a buffed supporter.

Where can I get support?

In the selection menu above you can choose between buffed supporter and online subscription. If you want to help us once, choose the buffed supporter option and support us with a fixed contribution. If you want to help us in the long term, take our online subscription. Simply choose the option that suits you the most.

Can I subsequently activate the freedom of advertising and the supporter status, even if I was not logged into when I made a donation?

Yes, you must first register with us and log in, then click on the button below and log in to Laterpay with the same data as for your donation. You will then be redirected to this page and have subsequently activated the advertising freedom and the support badge.

Confirm buffed supporter status again (free of charge)

Important: The period of your freedom of advertising begins with the date of your donation. If you donate anonymously and still want to activate your advertising freedom ten days later, you still have 21 days left (31-10 = 21 days).