Earlier this week, a security researcher announced that he had found a vulnerability in Razer’s software. Anyone could take over the computer simply by connecting a mouse. You can find out how this works and what else has happened this week in this episode of the GIGA Headlines.

Take over Windows PCs with a Razer mouse

If you connect a Razer mouse to a Windows PC, an installation program opens to install the in-house Razer software. The buttons can then be reassigned or – very importantly – the color of the LEDs can be adjusted.

As jonhat found out, the installer starts with system rights, so it can change pretty much everything in the system. If you open the dialog to change the installation directory, you can open Powershell from there, which then also has system rights.

After his tweet went through the roof, Razer gave an initial response to the problem: The team is working to fix the bug. At the time of writing, the loophole is still open.

TV Block: Samsung TVs look black

As Samsung South Africa announced, a “television block function” has been activated on all televisions. The system is now being used after riots and looting took place there in July.
The block system is intended to ensure that only rightful owners of the television can use it. When connecting to the Internet, the serial number is checked against a list of stolen devices. So if a television was stolen in a break-in, it can be switched off remotely.

If a television was turned off unjustifiably, you can first contact Samsung support with proof of purchase.
This also means: If you bought the television used, you will probably not have any proof of purchase. If your own device now appears in the lists, for example because it happens to be in the same serial number range, or because you accidentally picked up stolen goods instead of a used device, you can now stare at a black screen.
So is that such a good solution?

Xbox: Cloud Gaming will soon also be available on old consoles

As announced at gamescom 2021, Xbox Cloud Gaming will also be available on consoles towards the end of this year.
So if you are a “Game Pass Ultimate” subscriber, you will soon be able to play the current generation of titles on the last generation console. Provided you have a stable internet connection.
Participants in the Insider Program can test the feature from this fall.

Mac mini: New version later this year

Mark Gurman checked his sources and found out details about the next Mac mini.
With the Mac mini (2020) Apple has given the go-ahead for its own CPU architecture on desktop systems. Hardly a year has passed before the next upgrade is imminent.
If you trust Gurman’s sources, a new Mac mini will be available at the end of the year, with the even more powerful M1X chip, which we had actually expected to be presented at WWDC.
Also on board: Now four instead of two Thunderbolt connections, as well as a magnetic power connection.
And hand has now also been put on the design. So we can be curious whether the case is largely filled with air, like its predecessor, or whether the Mini can be made even smaller.