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Dual Universe is such a gigantic sci-fi MMO that even the beta will kill any beginner, lay down on them and crush them – and that newcomer was once again lucky. Do you want a spaceship? Do you want to explore space? Do you want to join organizations? I will explain to you how it works. But plan in time because you will need it.

Dual Universe

Dual Universe: Beta and Release

Dual Universe is still a few light years away from the release, but that's in August beta landed on planet earth: You can join on the official site for one multi-month subscription, from 3 months for 20.97 euros to one year for 69.90 euros. That's right. Dual Universe is not bought once, it is billed monthly (or over several months); It is not yet known whether this will change by the release. Either way: For 20.97 euros you can enter Dual Universe here and now, a science fiction metaverse in which all players populate a single world – and can more or less do what they want there.

Tip: Budding Novians should consider purchasing the System requirements check; you can find them at the bottom of the Subscription page.

Do the tutorials. Yes: all tutorials.

Ah, so you already have Dual Universe and are completely confused about what you bought there? Or do you just need a few tips? I would be happy to accompany you on the first steps, but Dual Universe will also take care of it itself: At the beginning of your session in the beta of the science fiction MMO, a tutorial starts for you that explains the basics of the game: Do it. Completely.

In Dual Universe you will first have to go through 1-2 hours of tutorial, and believe me, you will not even learn a fraction of what Dual Universe has to offer. In order to find your way around at all, it is essential that you follow the steps, pay attention and die before your flight to the Sanctuary Moon or at the latest on the Sanctuary Moon voluntary tutorials wandered through. You can find them on the main outposts of the planets, so where you start on Alioth and where you land on Sanctuary Moon.

Not all of these voluntary tutorials are available in the beta, but some are. You can find the tutorial panels on relevant topics such as mining or piloting in the buildings on the outpost, such as the Mining Institute or that Construction Institute.

The first steps: what the hell are you supposed to do?

If you are through with all the tutorials, you are already on the Sanctuary Moon of Alioth. Here you should first of all claim a territory, which is also explained to you in the tutorial.

First steps in your own territory

  • Claims a strip of land near a market
    • This is important because in the beginning you have to fly back and forth to sell the dismantled materials
    • Markets are shown on the map (M)
  • Mines material, sells it in the market and collects the in-game currency Quantas
    • Mining is not worthwhile on the Sanctuary Moon, as you will only find the first two categories of raw materials (Tier 1 and Tier 2) here, including in the earth
    • Therefore only mine the spawned raw metals on your territory
    • Particularly worthwhile Baking soda, Chromite and Limestone (unprocessed) or crafted materials *, such as:
      • Bauxite too aluminum crafting
      • Coal too Carbon crafting
      • Hematite too Iron crafting
      • Quarzt too Silicone crafting
  • On your territory you can build your first base and make vehicles and spaceships if you have the necessary materials

* You can reach the crafting menu by pressing TAB and then selecting the crafting menu

Talents and Organizations

First of all: Yes, you can fly into space right from the start, but only if you build a spaceship. What will be a little science, but more on that with the next point: Before you say Adiós to the Sanctuary Moon, you should learn your first talents right at the beginning and possibly join an organization. The latter are player-led, so you may get help from others with the right organization. Read through a few manifestos of organizations (you can also find the tab with TAB) and join one or more – Dual Universe is an MMO for a reason.

There is one very important aspect that you need to know about your talents: In Dual Universe you will receive 6 talent points per minute, even when you are offline. You can put these points in a number of talents, which you can find under the corresponding tab (also here: press TAB to see the tab). There is also the option to queue up talent so that it builds automatically over time. Now the important thing:

If a talent is in your queue, you will not receive 6 for this talent but instead 90 talent points per minute. Exactly. So always put as many talents as possible in the queue!

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Which talents first?

You should start with the talent tab Mining & Inventory. First learn all mining talents at least up to the second level, especially the scanner talent Scanner Upgrades, which increases the range of your scanner: It's best to go to the third level here, because you will dig a lot for materials at the beginning of the game, which first have to locate.

Important talents to start with include:

  • Mining & Inventory
    • All talents, especially scanner upgrades
  • Architect
    • Core unit upgrades
    • Static & Dynamic Core Unit Expertise
      • These two allow you to unlock core units with which you can build huge buildings as well as huge vehicles and ships
  • Avatar
    • Here you can improve your running and racing speed with various talents
  • Terraforming
    • Terraforming Operations Speed ​​allows you to shovel away soil faster – which you will also need when digging tunnels

Off into space: a long way

It's not easy to get one Spaceship in Dual Universe to build. But it is generally not that easy to build anything in Dual Universe, as you first have to understand many basics. Again: for this there is Tutorialsthat you should complete first of all. You can currently find a little tutorial on building speeders in the Construction Institute.

But how do you build a spaceship? First of all, yes, the easiest way is to build your own vehicle that is capable of flying in space. The quickest way to do this is to follow one of the many YouTube tutorials step by step, at least for your first ship. I can recommend the two videos from Zenith Gaming Companythat you should follow one after the other:

Player tutorials will give you a feel for how to build ships, what to watch out for and – ultimately – how exactly building actually works.

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Flying into space on your first ship is just the beginning of Dual Universe. You will be able to explore new, huge – but as yet empty – planets, build gigantic buildings with other players and, when the time is right, maybe go to war. But that's all up to you, because one rule will certainly never change in Dual Universe: You decide who you want to be in this science fiction world.

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