Mortal Shell tips for getting started with the Soulslike adventure: We provide you with a beginner's guide with the basic game mechanics. There are some striking differences to Dark Souls or Sekiro. But there are also a lot of similarities. In the first few hours of the game in Mortal Shell there is a risk of getting lost mercilessly. Just like Dark Souls, the game leaves you (almost) in the rain at the beginning. You explore and work out a lot yourself. Tutorials are only available in rudimentary form. We bring light into the dark and make it easier for you to start the Soulslike action game.

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The biggest difference lies in the character traits. In contrast to the From Software model, you do not level stats such as vitality, strength or skill. In Mortal Shell you slip into different shells that offer you different skills. Instead of a shield, your character also uses petrification or hardening to ward off a blow. The advantage: You can petrify during every action, regardless of whether your character is striking or performing an evasive role. Disadvantage: The action has a cooldown time, so you are forced to take the dodge role. In the following guide we reveal the differences and similarities to the Dark Souls model and offer you initial tips to get started.

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Mortal Shell – Beginner's Tips for a Souslike Adventure

We provide you with tips for getting started with Mortal Shell and explain the basics as well as the most important differences and similarities for the dark action game compared to From Software's Dark Souls.

Harden instead of blocking

Hardening - similar to Havel's armor in Dark Souls - replaces shields in adventure.

Hardening – similar to Havel's armor in Dark Souls – replaces shields in adventure.


You will already learn the basics of the combat system in the Mortal Shell tutorial. Hardening, for example, is explained in detail right at the beginning. You hold down the L2 button (LT button) to ward off a blow, but first wait for the cool-down phase before you can repeat the action. So mix dodging with the circle button (B button) and hardening. After the hardening blocks a blow from the opponent, you immediately counterattack to land a guaranteed hit. Until the cooldown has subsided, you stay away from the enemy by dodging.

We have had good experiences with the strategy of hardening, landing 2 hits and rolling out. With smaller enemies you will see a red circle in the middle after a hit. This shows the life energy of your adversaries. You can adjust the display for this in the options if necessary. Especially at the beginning in the forest you should separate groups of opponents and practice the combat system individually. With smaller opponents, it is usually sufficient to take a few steps backwards when aiming to avoid attacks. In this way you first get to know the attack patterns and plan your attacks.

Protective shell

An innovation compared to Dark Souls are the covers for your "naked character". After the tutorial you will find your first case on the left in the forest. This offers you special character traits and skills. It also protects you from attacks. Your life meter goes towards 0,

You will find covers into which your character blank slips.

You will find covers into which your character blank slips.


so you will be catapulted out of your shell. You now have a second chance without a cover and should return to the protective cover as soon as possible. In the lower left of your display, a white dot indicates that you still have a second attempt. If you are thrown out, this point disappears. You shouldn't die a second time if possible. By the way: When you return to your shell, your life bar is completely filled up once. With screen death you lose all tar in Mortal Shell, but your insights are retained. Return to your corpse to collect the tar again.

Attention, perseverance!

Like Dark Souls, actions cost perseverance. Hitting, dodging, jumping etc. always takes a little bit of stamina away. The covers that your character slips into offer different stamina values. A central point in the combat system is endurance management. So you shouldn't keep beating up opponents continuously, otherwise you won't have the stamina to roll away. Against smaller opponents you should test how much stamina weak or strong attacks consume or how long you sprint before the bar is empty. By the way, our strategy with "hardening – 2 hits – rolling away" is ideally suited for a smaller stamina bar at the beginning of the game. Incidentally, the endurance regeneration can be increased through later skills.

No Estus bottle

By the way, you don't use an Estus bottle or a pumpkin bottle (Sekiro) in Mortal Shell. Rather, you will find healing items in the form of mushrooms or fried meat with opponents. Mushrooms grow back over time, so you can easily replenish your supply. Do you consume a healing

You can find details on familiarity with items in the inventory.

You can find details on familiarity with items in the inventory.


Item, it doesn't immediately heal part of the life bar. Depending on how familiar you are, you will regain life energy over time – comparable to the life stones in Dark Souls 2. You do not heal directly with the item "Ephemeral Signs" from the tutorial. Rather, the damage you suffer during petrification is converted into health.


Aprospos Items: The more you use items in Mortal Shell, the more familiar you will develop. At the very beginning you don't know anything about a collected item until you use it. By the way: Just like in Dark Souls, items and information are displayed on the loading screen. However, if you are not yet familiar with the item, you will not receive any details or information about its effect. The more familiarity you develop with an item, the more background information will be unlocked. The effect of the items also improves with greater familiarity. Especially with poison mushrooms, your character seems to develop an immunity that later attenuates the effects of other poisons. In addition to discovering the game world, the game also offers you the opportunity to discover objects.

Go to the Tower of Fallgrimm for more information and important items.

Go to the Tower of Fallgrimm for more information and important items.


Tar and insight instead of souls

Killed enemies leave no souls behind. Rather, you get tar and insight to equip your cases with new skills. Opponents leave both tar and – depending on luck – a bit of insight. You use these with Sister Genessa to give your shell new abilities. By the way: You have to find Sister Genessa first. So after you've familiarized yourself with the combat system in the forest and gained a little tar and insight, you go to Genessa in the tower of Fallgrimm.

Find Sister Genessa

As soon as you enter the forest in Mortal Shell for the first time, a short camera panning shows you a building with a bell near the

Sister Genessa offers you new skills for your covers.

Sister Genessa offers you new skills for your covers.


Top. Look for an open door at the foot of this building through which you enter the Tower of Fallgrimm (similar to the Fireband Shrine in Dark Souls). You will find Sister Genessa in the basement, who will offer you the name of your shell for 250 tar. This is how you unlock the skill tree of the first shell. In addition, if you have already been catapulted out of your shell, the resurrection will be renewed. On the ground floor at the graves you will find references to other covers. Be sure to check out the graves for tips on where to find them.

Old prisoner – learn to parry through a tainted seal

One floor up you will find mounts for weapons, which also offer you tips on where they were found. But more important is the character behind the guns. You get the Tainted Seal from the Old Prisoner. This gives you the ability to parry attacks and counter immediately. Through the seal infusion of healing, the counterattack regenerates a piece of your health after the parade. However, this requires determination, which is shown above your life bar. So you should visit the Old Prisoner as soon as possible at the beginning of Mortal Shell. He also tells you what to look for for him. At the top of the tower there is still Vlas, a trader whose range you should definitely check out.

Find new cases

Touch the weapons to get visions of the location.

Touch the weapons to get visions of the location.


As already mentioned, the visions on the graves will tell you where to find new covers. These offer you very useful skills. For example, you unlock a skill for the clad servant Tiel that heals it with poison. In some areas of Mortal Shell this is almost mandatory. You will find a total of four shells that differ in terms of life energy, endurance and determination. The first cover Harros has everything and thus offers a good basis for starting the game. By the way, you don't have to find all the well-hidden cases to play through Mortal Shell. Due to the different skills, it is very worthwhile.

Traps, secrets, fog

As in Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Sekiro you will find many secrets in. It is not uncommon for useful items to be guarded very well. Should you get into an ambush, seek the distance rather than face an excess of opponents. You only loot hidden chests after you have cleared the corresponding area. If you have cleared a temple, the game world changes. A mysterious fog pervades the forest and black figures lurk everywhere. These are stronger, but also allow more insight. You look for the character Thestus, who is waiting in the tower at the workbench. This can also clear the fog again.

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