Mafia 2 beginner tips: The Definitive Edition for Mafia 2 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We'll get our entry guide from 2010 out again and provide you with first game tips. We go into the cars for you, provide you with tips for quick money or how to get away from the police. Simply use the following table of contents to navigate to the individual points. By the way: For PC owners of Mafia 2 and 3 on Steam, the upgrade to the new editions is free! You can find all the details in our overview of the upcoming Mafia Trilogy. Note: The tips article on Mafia 2 dates from 2010 and is still formulated in the title.

Which car should I take with me?

You know the cars in Mafia 2 (buy now) rather less, which means that you have to steal a lot of cars until you have a good car. Below are some tips on the cars in the first 9 chapters and where to find them. At the beginning, the Lassiter Series 69 is quite good. you recognize

Mafia 2 has fresh tips, cheats and Easter Eggs. (6)

Mafia 2 has fresh tips, cheats and Easter Eggs. (6)

Source: 2k Games

him on the flat stern. The good piece has a "V" on the back and front. Tuned, it brings you 143 kW. You can find it on the way to Derek under the freeway opposite the gun shop or in Westside, a little way north of the gas station. The lock has four bolts, which definitely speaks for the car.

The Lassiter is very good in the first chapters. On the corpse disposal mission, you'll drive past a parking lot on the northeastern outskirts with a Jefferson Provincial, a fast two-seater. Tuned, it only delivers 118 kW, but drives fantastic especially in the corners. This car is also recommended in later chapters. A very good car is waiting for you in Kaptel 8 on the Eastside right next to the gun shop. The Lassiter Series 75 Hollywood is a stretch limousine with large wheel arches and tunes 168 kW. The car is logically heavier than the two-seater, but it's a lot of fun to drive because of the horsepower. Five bolts have to be cracked, which increases the value considerably. Engine tuning costs $ 1,152.

Good cars can also be found on the Eastside. You'll find a lot of lassiters in Chapter 9, and a Berkley Kingfisher is just a little way north of the phone booth. As the two-seat little brother of the Lassiter, it delivers 168 kW fully tuned, but drives a lot faster. There are five bolts to crack, the engine tuning costs $ 1,301. Last but not least, after Luca is done, there is his two-seater convertible, the Shubert Frigate. A fine car that tunes 134 kW as a lightweight, at a cost of around $ 1,500.

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Are the police on your neck and you can't shake it off? Wait a moment, then the policeman comes out of his car to give you a ticket. You have to take advantage of this moment and set off quickly. By the time the police caught up with you, you were long over all mountains.

Escaped the police after the jewel robbery

Joe leaves you with the loot and you have a wanted level. Status as a wanted criminal can easily be remedied: go to the fence where you come out on the street and wait a little. Usually a police patrol comes along the street. When this has passed, sneak to the right and sprint to the gas station, which is right next to it. Go to the gas station and hide. After a short time you will hear the police radio and thus the confirmation that the search has ended. Now you can go home in peace.

Mafia 2 has fresh tips, cheats and Easter Eggs. (8th)

Mafia 2 has fresh tips, cheats and Easter Eggs. (8th)

Source: 2k Games

Go to Bruski's junkyard. There is a car next to the car press. Grab one and drive it into the scrap press. As a wage, you get $ 400. You do not have to break into the car as there will be no police nearby. Take the car you came with, drive north until you see a bridge. Turn around and drive back to the junkyard. As if by magic, there is another vehicle there that you can drive into the press. The game can be repeated any number of times until you have collected enough money.

In the saveknack mission: When you enter the room, you have to look closely in front of you and you will see a poster with the words "He's watching you". The person represents a stylized figure of the Wehrmacht. The poster is based on propaganda posters from the USA during the Second World War.

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At we have also created a complete solution for Mafia 2, in which you will find many more tips and tricks for the individual chapters. If you do not need them, we would like to recommend our guide to the locations of all 50 Playboy issues instead. So you can collect all Playmates as you go by.

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