Berries and hyperballs for 1 Poké coin

from Susanne Braun
In the Pokémon Go shop there is the new Corona package for a Poké coin that you can grab every week. This time, in addition to 20 hyperballs, there are also 15 sanana berries as well as raspberries. Also remember to get the package of three long distance raid passes for a Poké coin!

In the Pokémon Go shop, the new package for 1 Poké coin has arrived, which you can grab until May 4, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. This time, not only 20 gummy hyperballs are included, but also 15 sanana berries and blue raspberries each. Get the cheap offer and add more Poké Balls and Berries after the Abra Community Day! And if you're in the Pokémon Go shop anyway, don't leave it right away, but get the second special offer for 1 Poké coin, namely a bundle of three Fern Raid Passes. This enables you to participate in raids even if you are not right next to it. Long-distance raid passes, which usually cost 100 Poké Coins per piece or 250 Poké Coins per pack of three, let you raid bosses, which are shown to you as "Nearby" and on the map.

Incidentally, there is more news about Pokémon Go: buddies are now bringing gifts from arenas and PokéStops near you, as the developers at Niantic have announced on Twitter.

And soon the special research "Nostalgia Challenge 2020: Kanto" will be activated for all players, which after completing the nine necessary steps will not only reward you with all sorts of stardust and XP, but also with a Mewtwo for your collection that the powerful attack Learned psychological shock. You can find information on the steps of special research and its rewards in our guide to Nostalgia Challenge 2020: Kanto.

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