One of the biggest gaming reports last year was Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda. What effects this will have – especially on Playstation fans – we will probably see this year. Microsoft's Phil Spencer is very excited about this deal.

Phil Spencer is very happy

"When the time came when they were thinking of possibly becoming part of a bigger company, being sold, I was glad we were part of the conversation they were ready to have and it really means something to me, that they would agree to be part of Xbox, "said Phil Spencer. "We will get final clearance in 2021, I feel really good about it, everything is on the right track. We will then really start planning that we can do with them. Right now we are very detached while they do the work who are making them, since we don't have them yet. "

Spencer is particularly excited about the opportunity the Bethesda purchase opens up for Microsoft: "Exciting, exciting news. I can't wait for the purchase to close so we can start working like a company. I'm incredibly excited about it Starfield and a lot of other things, some announced and some unannounced, that they are working on. I just think they will be an incredible addition to our studios. If I look at our RPG options with Obsidian, inXile, with what Playgrounds is doing "With what Bethesda can do, I think the possibilities are tremendous."

Perhaps in 2021 we will see more of the RPGs that we can expect from Microsoft in the future.

Source: Major Nelson's Podcast

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