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What does Bethesda founder Christopher Weaver say about the takeover by Microsoft? You can find the answer here. Weaver recently commented on this subject during an interview and explained, among other things, the effect on the competition in the form of Sony.

It has been official since last week at the latest: Microsoft has taken over ZeniMax Media – and with it Bethesda at the same time. In this way, the industry giant secured the rights to such popular game brands as The Elder Scrolls, the Doom shooter series and the role-playing universe Fallout. It has not yet been clarified exactly whether this will result in irrefutable Xbox exclusivity for future releases such as the RPG The Elder Scrolls 6. But the signaling effect in the direction of its big competitor Sony is unmistakable. Christopher Weaver, the founder of Bethesda, sees it that way. In an interview with Inverse magazine, he even drew a comparison with the takeover of Halo developers Bungie at the time.

"The acquisition of Bungie acted as a major catalyst for the huge success of early Xbox. Depending on how fast Bethesda can get into Microsoft's pipeline, my guess is that Microsoft is looking into its notes and trying to pick one of their best moves repeat. If the strategy works it will be a brilliant counterattack against Sony. Users from all over the world will be the big beneficiaries of this deal. I wish them the best. "

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It remains to be seen whether and in what form the competitor Sony will react to this move by Microsoft. With regard to the takeover of development studios, however, Sony was anything but inactive. Among other things, the group had not long ago bought the Spider-Man makers from Insomniac Games.

Source: Inverse

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