Bethesda's new shooter really uses the DualSense controller

Thanks to haptic feedback and speakers, the DualSense controller of the PS5 should greatly improve the gaming experience of Bethesda's new shooter Deathloop. What exactly that means reveals a post on the PlayStation blog.

PlayStation 5

Deathloop comes from Arkane Studios, the makers of the Dishonored series. On the island of Blackreef you try to escape from a deadly time warp and have to dispose of eight assassination targets within a day. However, the entire island tries to prevent this, especially an assassin who is chasing you.

In addition to the special game concept, the use of the DualSense's functions should also provide a special gaming experience. In a post from PlayStation blogs explains in more detail how the functions of the PS5 controller are integrated into the game.

The speaker of the DualSense

On the one hand there is the speaker of the Dualsense. From the click of the trigger when the gun is empty to the bullets that fly past you (or not) to the louder beeping of a mine, all of this should come from the controller. This should the sounds right in front of you complement what is happening on the screen.

Haptic feedback and adaptive buttons

The haptic feedback and adaptive buttons are also designed to increase immersion by tangibly supporting what is on the screen. For example, you should be able to notice whether you are running, jumping, climbing or sneaking. Also the undergroundon which you are currently moving should be noticeable through the controller.

The feel when handling weapons should also be reflected in the DualSense. For example, there is a nail gun that allows you to feel individual nails while reloading if they fall into the cartridge chamber. In Deathloop it can happen especially with the Initial weapons it can happen that block these, which means that the corresponding trigger on the controller also blocks halfway.

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How well it actually fits into the gaming experience remains to be seen. Depending on the potential for frustration in a game, blocking buttons may not be a good idea, otherwise one or the other trigger may fall victim to a finger that is pressing too hard and the controllers are really too expensive for that.