Better than expected? YouTuber unfolds the full potential of the Xbox Series S.

Compact, powerful and still cheap – with the Xbox Series S Microsoft has an incredibly interesting next-gen console on offer. A YouTuber has now found out how to develop the full potential of the small powerhouse.

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Use the emulator on the Xbox Series S: YouTuber shows how it's done

Microsoft's new Xbox Series S didn't even cost 300 euros and yet the small console has a lot to offer, as we were able to determine in the test.

But not only old and new Xbox games can be played on the console, as the resourceful YouTuber "Modern Vintage Gamer" found out. In his video he shows how to turn the Xbox Series S into a potent emulator for other consoles in just a few simple steps:

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Enthusiasts can use the "Developer Mode" to install other programs on the console aside from the classic Xbox apps. Xbox users can find the corresponding application directly in the console's Microsoft Store. If you register your Xbox Series S with Microsoft and then pay a fee of $ 20, you can initialize the special developer mode on your console after a restart.

From here, so-called UWP apps can now be installed on the console, including some well-known console emulators. Anyone who has made appropriate digital backup copies of their game collection can then play them on the Xbox Series S.

According to Modern Vintage Gamer, it is the Microsoft console arguably the best emulator platform of all time.

Xbox Series S / X Developer Mode: There's a catch

However, if you want to use your console as an emulator, you have to live with a small catch: Normal Xbox games cannot start while the Xbox Series S is in developer mode. To achieve this, the Dev Mode must be deactivated again beforehand, which, according to the YouTuber, can be implemented without any problems and most likely requires a short restart.

You can already play these new Xbox games:

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The new Xbox Series S seems to be worth a look not only for people who are looking for the cheapest possible next-gen console, but should also make retro fans prick up their ears.