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Netflix is ​​currently working on a film about Beyond Good and Evil, which is known as the "epic space pirate adventure". But there is no news about the game itself.

Fans of Beyond Good and Evil have been hoping for a long time to finally hear something new about the upcoming second part of the action adventure series. But instead of news about the game, a film project with Netflix has now been announced.

A not so unimportant film about the game

Not much has been revealed yet. Netflix only said on Twitter that it had good news for fans of Beyond Good and Evil. A film about Ubisoft's epic space pirate adventure is in the works.

While this is good news, the comments below the tweets do not only contain positive comments. Because fans want to learn something new about Beyond Good and Evil 2 instead of reading about a planned Netflix movie. Some comments even make fun of the fact that the film will probably be released before the game.

However, the film makes sense. Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be a very large and important project for Ubisoft, but is primarily aimed at fans of the first part. This appeared almost 17 years ago. With a Beyond Good and Evil 2, it should not be easy for Ubisoft to inspire the broad mass of players – unless they awaken great interest in this brand in advance. And of course a film is just right.

If Netflix manages to hit a hit with the Beyond Good and Evil flick, it will of course also increase interest in the game. However, it is not at all certain whether the film will actually appear before Beyond Good and Evil 2. But even if the game comes first, a good Netflix movie should make viewers aware of the game and increase interest in it.

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