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from Andreas Bertits
Have you read the terms and conditions of Larian's role-playing game Baldur's Gate 3? According to these you have committed to recording a poem or song or even a dance of yourselves and sending it to the developer.

Probably hardly anyone reads the terms and conditions of a game. Most just scroll at the end to agree and finally start the game. At Baldur's Gate 3 Would you have better read through the user conditions …

Larian Studios are taking a little joke

The "small print" can be read at the very end of the terms and conditions. As a result, you've agreed to send Larian a recording of yourself either singing a song, reciting a poem or text, or performing a dance, reflecting your interest in the Forgotten Realms.

If you do not comply with this within the first three winters after approval, then you will not receive the honor, the wealth or the disgrace of a founding member of the "Guild of Great Genius". You have also agreed that Larian can distribute your work on the company's social media channels.

Of course, you don't have to send any works to Larian. But players are wondering what this guild should be. It says: "The board and the chairman of the guild were pleasantly surprised by the creativity and genius of all submissions," the chairman of the guild told PCGamesN. "Applicants of eligible stature will be contacted in the near future to receive their admissions. However, since the members of the guild have vowed to keep the charter confidential, you will need to be lenient with your own submission to learn more. "

The Larian Studios are therefore keeping a low profile, what this "Guild of Great Genius" is all about. Maybe players can contribute a part to the development of Baldur's Gate 3 with their creative works …

Source: PCGamesN

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