Big changes are pending – PC owners go empty-handed

Microsoft announces major changes to Xbox Game Pass. In this case, it is about an improved quest program that is intended to enable players to earn points by playing the games. But do console and PC gamers have the same options here?

In itself, the message sounds great: Microsoft leads 90 more quests one that can be done every day, week, and month. The goal is to help Xbox Game Pass owners discover and try new games. Players are informed in real time when a task has been completed and how many points have been earned. These can then be used to participate raffles where you can win consoles or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Getting to the points doesn't seem difficult at all. Some quests are said to be based on yours Progress on certain game statistics be completed. You can probably go through other points performing monthly changing tasks work out. Sounds easy. But there is a big catch.

Simply switch off together.

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Xbox Game Pass: These are the tasks in February

Because to get the given tasks, you have to look at them Xbox Game Pass mobile app download, or … tadaaa … check the quest page on your console.

The first tasks apply until March 2, 2020, These are:

Every day:

  • All Xbox Game Pass console games: Earn 15 points by playing any Xbox Game Pass console game.
  • Mobile application: Earn 15 points by signing up through the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.


  • All Xbox Game Pass games: Earn 50 points by performing in any Xbox Game Pass console game this week.
  • (For Ultimate members only) Payday 2: Complete 3 robberies in the Crimewave Edition to earn 75 points.

Per month:

  • Earn 1,000 points by completing 45 daily quests and 15 weekly quests this month
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Earn 100 points by stealing 35 cars

So far, the PC players have obviously gone empty-handed as far as the innovations are concerned. Are you also affected or do you use the pass for your console? Let us know in the comments. It remains to be seen whether anything will change for PC gamers. We'll keep you up to date.