Big leak to graphics, gameplay and new content

In Reddit there is a very extensive leak to remaster the Mass Effect trilogy. The Leaker claims to be a Q&A tester at EA and knows a lot about graphics, gameplay and new content.

Mass Effect 3

As much as fans would like a remaster of Mass Effect, one thing in advance: There is no evidence for the authenticity of the following statements. In any case, the knowledge of this Reddit user seems to be very extensive and to quote a frequent comment directly, many things sound too good to be true.

Production and announcement date

The remaster is said to have been in progress since 2017, but BioWare only started the project in 2019 after Anthem was completed. Several EA studios assist with the development, including DICE and Motive. The first announcements should come for this year's N7 Day, i.e. November 7th.

General innovations and changes

All three parts should be in the Frostbite engine be shipped and get their graphic upgrade, even if ME: 2 and 3 should look better than the first part. The The weapon and armor system will most closely match that of ME: 3 in all games. Scanning planets also works more like part 3, but there will still be some planet visits in ME: 1.

The Game DLCs become part of their respective remaster be. The space stations, such as the Citadel or Omega, are filled with more life and more interaction options.

Specific changes to individual Mass Effect parts

In all parts it will new content that were removed from the game for the first release. In the first part, the mission is expanded to Virmire, further cutscenes show the perspective of the sacrificing team member (Kaidan Alenko or Ashley Williams). The option of entering into a romance with one of the two should be there earlier to give the scene more emotional weight. According to the leak, the bisexuality of Kaidan desired by many fans will not come back into play. It was cut from the game for the release of ME: 1.

ME: 3 will feature an expanded prologue, allowing players to play as Admiral Anderson and get more of the attack on Earth. ME: 2 and 3 should be something "Grow up" and include more nudity in the corresponding cutscenes.

You can find the full leak in Reddit.

What is it about the leaks?

Much of what the Leaker says sounds conclusive and even what the fans would want, which is reason for some to be skeptical: "It doesn't sound like EA." The Leaker Reddit account has already been deleted, the comments indicate that it was only created for the leak. A reason for many to doubt, but it makes sense somewhere to admit as little as possible about such a leak so that EA cannot sue you.

The leak should be viewed with extreme caution, but it all sounds very tempting.

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Regardless of the authenticity of the leak: Would you wish for a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy? What should they implement anyway, where do you want the most changes?