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During the Game Awards on the night of December 10th and 11th, "Gates of Oblivion" announced the next year-long story for The Elder Scrolls Online. More information about the upcoming DLCs and the big chapter will be available in January as part of a major unveiling event.

You have surely noticed: Last night during the Game Awards, the next year-long story of The Elder Scrolls Online was announced: The gates of Oblivion will take us straight to the edge of the realm of oblivion. You can find the first teaser trailer at the end of the news. In addition, those responsible for Zenimax on the official TESO website reveal when we can expect more information and details about the upcoming DLCs and the big chapter.

The Elder Scrolls Online Global Unveiling Event for 2021 begins live on Thursday, January 21st at 11 p.m. ET Tune in when ZeniMax Online Studio Director Matt Firor and Bethesda Softwork Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications Pete Hines unveil the new chapter for 2021 and the year-long adventure set in motion at The Game Awards.

They will be joined by ESO Creative Director Rich Lambert and other special guests from the ESO development team to talk about the new worlds, challenges, systems and adventures of "Gates of Oblivion" that await you in 2021!

Be there live on Twitch, preferably with linked accountso that you can take Twitch Drops and the completely free greenish dragon frog with you.

And it's worth sticking to it after the presentation as there is an official ESO Live special where Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno from the ESO community team will dig deeper into some of the big revelations and discuss everything you guys think about Know about the upcoming releases of the year.

We will of course remind you of the event again in January and summarize all the information revealed there on buffed.

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