Steam has started its big autumn campaign and has an abundance of attractive games on offer. As usual, the sale also washed older games into the platform’s top sellers, with one entry being particularly surprising. Last year the open-world game shone as the biggest disappointment and is now still a box-office hit among PC gamers.

Steam top sellers have a surprise guest

Steam has recently been turned inside out, because the annual autumn sale has begun. With the many bargains, the Top seller of the platform just flushed well. For many PC gamers, a sale like this is always an opportunity to catch up on past blockbusters.

Suddenly an open world game is making itself comfortable on the podium of the Steam charts, in which we would not have expected this top spot. We’re talking about CD projects Cyberpunk 2077. The sci-fi roleplaying game wasn’t exactly covered in fame when it was released in December 2020.

Expected by everyone with high expectations, the game disappointed with his countless glitches and game-breaking bugs enormously. The PC version was partially spared, but it was not a complete experience.

Not every game glitch has to be bad, some are sometimes more than amusing, as this series of photos proves:

A whole year has now passed and the developers have neatly improved with a few patches. So if you want to access the role-playing game about Johnny Silverhand, you can play the game with a big one 50 percent discount dust off:

You can still get the deal up to December 1st at 7pm to back up. If you are looking for more Steam bargains, we can offer you the following Overview of the best offers recommend:

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