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The developer studio Experiment 101 is currently working on the action RPG Biomutant and explains that there are no plans for microtransactions. However, the team would like to add more content after the release.

Microtransactions play a role in many games these days. Often, these payments for additional content are not welcome among gamers, but developers and publishers see it as a way to generate more revenue. The action RPG Biomutant will forego microtransactions.

No microtransactions, but more content

When asked about DLCs, a season pass and microtransactions, Stefan Lungqvist from the developer studio Experiment 101 explained that the team is initially concentrating on the game Biomutant (buy now for € 119.99) to complete. "Hopefully we deserve the right to add more content," he said. "But will definitely not have any microtransactions in our game."

Biomutant puts you in a world dominated by intelligent, mutated animals. You yourself are such an animal and you have to stop a natural disaster. Toxic oil emerges from the interior of the earth and pollutes the sacred tree of life. You have to find and save the roots of the tree before it dies, which would also bring about the end of the world. During your adventures you use kung fu and learn new powers to take on the many enemies.

Biomutant: New trailer shows 10 minutes of fantastic gameplay

Regarding the length of the game, Stefan Lungqvist explains: "We have repeatedly said that the" most important "critical path will take a minimum of 10 hours, but we assume that it will take players much longer … And then there is still to discover the rest of the 8 × 8 km world … "

The action RPG Biomutant does not have a release date yet. According to the developers, however, it is in the last phase of production. It is uncertain whether it will appear in 2020.

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When exactly does the action role-playing game Biomutant appear? There is still no concrete answer to this.

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