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Biowares Casey Hudson announced an extensive redesign of Anthem in an open letter to the community. We really get version 2.0, even if it seems to take a little longer.

Bioware released the online game almost a year ago Anthem and raised violent criticism that continues even today. Biowares Casey Hudson has now turned to the community and announced that the game will continue to be developed and a major redesign will come.

Anthem 2.0 is in the works

Hudson explains that organic goods have been released since the release of Anthem (buy now for € 14.99) worked a lot on the game to improve it and add new content. But that's not enough. The fans want more fundamental adjustments, such as the loot and endgame. Therefore a redesign is in progress.

"In the coming months, we will focus on redesigning the experience over the long term, particularly working on reinventing core gameplay with clear goals, and creating motivating challenges and advances with meaningful rewards – while enjoying the fun of flying and fighting a huge science fantasy scenario, "says Hudson. "And to do that properly, we will do something we would have liked to have done the first time – give a focused team time to test and experiment, focusing first on gameplay."

There should be no new seasons for the "old" Anthem because the team is now concentrating on the new version. However, there are other events, new store content and previous challenges will be repeated to keep players busy. Hudson thanks all of those who have been loyal to Anthem so far and says that creating new worlds sometimes works and sometimes not. But now, together with the fans, they want to create the best possible future for Anthem.

Source: Bioware

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Anthem has lost the next major developer

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