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Bioware is currently looking for a new employee to work on a game for a very well-known studio brand. We are looking for a Technical Director with experience in AAA multiplayer games for PC and consoles.

Organic goods has published a job advertisement and is looking for a Technical Director. He is supposed to work on a game that is one of the studio's best-known brands. The new employee must have experience in developing AAA multiplayer games for PC and consoles.

Is there a new mass effect multiplayer game?

The most well-known brands of Bioware include Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Bioware has already confirmed that we will get another game in the Dragon Age series. A new mass effect title has already been hinted at several times.

The game that the new developer is supposed to be involved in could be Mass Effect. It seems that multiplayer plays a big role, because the employee must have experience in exactly this area. Mass Effect 3 already had a multiplayer mode, it is also possible to play Mass Effect: Andromeda in a multiplayer mode. This suggests that the title mentioned could possibly again be a game in the Mass Effect series. But that is not certain. Let's see when Bioware officially comments on this new game.

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