Bioware shows pirates with sabers

What can we expect from the new version of Anthem? Becomes Anthem Next, or Anthem 2.0, can turn the game upside down enough to make it successful? Bioware has now given a first look at the new edition.

Arrrr, the pirates come to Anthem (buy now for € 16.99) to rescue!

With several concept drawings, the developers of Bioware show us that we are dealing with pirates in Anthem Next. Apparently, these are robotic privateers in chic coats with pistols and sabers. But what sabers should do against the armored Javelins is still an open question …

We also get to see the shelter of these pirates. They live high in the clouds near a mountain that looks like a skull. Cleverly, that there is such a mountain in the game world, which pirates can then choose as a suitable home.

Christian Dailey, Studio Director at BioWare Austin, also announced that we will soon find out more about the new Anthem in a blog.

What Bioware has now shown from Anthem Next divides the community somewhat. Some find the pirates and the new area interesting, others believe that this was not really what Anthem needed. Rather, some thought of revising the game systems and what is already in the game and not that pirates are now being introduced to save Anthem.

Let's see what Bioware reveals in the upcoming blog on Anthem Next. The online action game started in February 2019 as a Games-as-a-Service title, which was designed for long-term operation. However, it could not inspire the players. Therefore, Bioware and Electronic Arts decided to make a major overhaul. When this will appear is still unclear.

Source: VG247

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