Welcome to 2020, No Man’s Sky! The big science fiction game has been pretty quiet for the past few weeks, but for a good reason: developer Hello Games has completed the next major free update. And with that you can now breed and fly bizarre, living spaceships.

W-what? Are these living spaceshipswho are buzzing through the vastness of space in No Man’s Sky? You can say a lot about the developer Hello Games, but certainly not that he a) has little imagination or b) doesn't care about No Man’s Sky in the sweat of his face. The new Update Living Ships is live from today in the game and totally free, Time to sniff the game again?

No Man’s Sky Update brings lively, breathing spaceships

Before I talk about my mouth, why don't you look straight into the formidablen Trailer for the No Man’s Sky Update Living Ships?

What the hell are these living spaceships? They are just that: bizarre beings that you can breed and eventually fly. The update brings one new quest linerelated to age-old experiments the aliens corvax stands. Follow the missions and answer the Call of the Empty Ice (Eng. "Void Egg"), you can breed a strange new life form that can serve you as a ship in the future.

Each of these ships is also an individual: It hatches from an egg and is procedurally generated, means its shape and structure is determined at random. How exactly it is built also decides what skills it has. You will also become yours Bring the ship up must and so that it later meets your requirements. You wanted to be able to fly quickly? Then you should let it grow accordingly. By the way, with the last update Beyond, aliens came into play for riding and milking. In case you missed that.

Individual new components come into play with the ship, because of course you cannot plant a normal hyperdrive in your space fish (ouch!).

In addition, other strange beings and bizarre encounters come into play that you can meet. Things like this:

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Of course, the cockpit of your new space fish looks different than that of your former metal spaceship. Hello Games also noted on their official site that sitting in VR mode can be very uncomfortable. In a good way.