The New Nintendo 2DS XL is contrary to his name no longer so "New". The latest version of the successful Nintendo handheld from the 3DS family, however, is still on the market. And that, although Nintendo with the Switch already in March 2017 brought out a "successor". The fall in price of the New Nintendo 2DS XL and for when the versatile handheld is still worthwhile, you can find out here on GIGA. Currently there is the old-new / new-old handheld due to the Black Friday again at top price.

New Nintendo 2DS XL: Top Price for Black Friday 2019

Update, 26.11.2019: At the start of the "Black Friday" Week, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is currently available in black apple green including "Mario Kart 7" for 109.97 euros, A cheaper offer is currently not available for the handheld – if you prefer a different color variant, you will find the cheapest offer IDEALO,

New Nintendo 2DS XL: The Price Development of the Handheld

Originally, the Nintendo 3DS appeared in March 2011 in the European market. With 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS (XL) and finally New 2DS XL, different versions of the handheld with a slightly different range of functions have appeared over the years. However, all variants of the so-called 3DS family are able to play software titles of the 3DS and its predecessor Nintendo DS.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL is the latest model of the 3DS family and was released one month after the release of the Nintendo Switch in April 2017. At the launch of the New 2DS XL, the suggested retail price was $ 159.99. A short time later, a "street price" of around 150 euros settled down. Meanwhile, you get the handheld for around 120 euros – Special Editions and special color variants can be a bit more expensive.

For the big providers like, Media Market or Saturn you usually get the handheld between 130 and 140 euros. If you want the absolute best price, you will find idealo a practical overview of all color variants and the currently best price of the New Nintendo 2DS XL.

New Nintendo 2DS XL: Who is the purchase worth?

If you only play the current blockbuster titles, you probably can not do much with the somewhat outdated handheld. And even though there are hardly any new games for the 3DS family, some may now have just come to the perfect time to take a closer look at the handheld. Why this? Because there are a huge number of exclusive titles for the system that you will not find anywhere else. Especially the games that use the two screen effectively are difficult to replicate on other devices. And just because the interest in the handheld drops, many games are very cheap to find.

Anyone who has not owned 3DS so far can get the console and a large collection of 3DS and DS games for comparatively little money. And even for collectors who want to enjoy the big game library of the handheld for years, may soon be the time when you will not find a new New Nintendo 2DS XL XL on the shop shelf. So if you still want a new handheld for the future in the hindquarters, should perhaps strike at the next action, before the prices shoot for the then increasingly rare new equipment in the air.