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from Dominik Zwingmann
The creators behind Black Myth: Wukong took inspiration from Sony Santa Monica and God of War and will also use a one-shot camera in the game. This means that the story is told with just one camera. In the interview, however, the developers revealed some more details. There is no release for Black Myth: Wukong yet. The release is planned for PC and next-gen consoles.

Last week the Game Science team announced a new action title called Black Myth: Wukong that has received a lot of attention in the last few days. We have also taken a detailed look at the gameplay material shown in a special. In an interview, the makers from China have now revealed more details about the game. Isolated excerpts of this conversation were recently taken up by games market analyst Daniel "ZhugeEX" Ahmad Twitter translated.

From the interview it emerged, among other things, that the Game Science team took some inspiration from God of War. Specifically, it's about telling the story with a one-shot camera. As in Sony Santa Monica's PS4 title, Black Myth: Wukong shouldn't have to change cameras. One of these transitions between game and sequence (10:25) can also be seen in the video.

The release of Black Myth: Wukong seems to be a long way off. Among other things, the title will then appear for PC and next-gen consoles. According to Daniel Ahmad's translations, Game Science has great ambitions with the series. Several games are expected to appear in the coming years. Black Myth: Wukong is the Chinese development studio's first major project. Those responsible are currently still looking for a publisher and other teams who would like to support the development of Black Myth: Wukong.

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