According to a leaker, Black Ops Cold War is said to have taken a rather controversial topic from Modern Warfare and Warzone for the multiplayer part.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

After a lot of wild "rumgetease" there was the first trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War this week. At the August 26th there should be more information, many hope to finally see gameplay.

What some players may also be hoping for is the Treyarch and Raven for the so-called Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM for short) will do without. In the SBMM, players with a similar skill level are packed into a match for multiplayer games. According to a leaker, this system will be adopted by Modern Warfare and Warzone.

This information is of course not official.

What is the problem with the SBMM?

Whether there is a problem at all depends primarily on the type of player you are. The SBMM makes every round a challenge, as all players are at a similar level. For some, that leads to them have to "sweat" in every round, so you have to do your best with full concentration. You lose the fun because it is so serious then, and it often leads to problems when friends of different levels “just want to play a game” together.

What the system for match-making actually looks like will only be revealed in the next few weeks.

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Daniel Hartmann
Daniel Hartmann, GIGA expert for FPS, e-sports, streaming culture and Mass Effect.

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