If you want to put a PS5 in a black design on your shelf, you have to fall back on alternatives: Sony itself has so far only offered the PlayStation 5 in a white and black color variant. Software Pyramid has a possible solution in its range: the manufacturer offers special skin films with which the PS5 is given a black appearance. According to the manufacturer, the stickers are "easy to apply, can be removed without leaving any residue and are super resistant".

In addition, increased grip and an anti-reflective material are promised. The black skins for the PlayStation 5 (buy now ) are available for 19.99 euros. The manufacturer also offers a skin solution for the DualSense controller. The film, which is available for 9.99 euros, has the same properties as the PS5 skins and should also be easy to attach and remove. "It sticks like a bomb and thanks to its special structure it can be removed without leaving any residue," promises Software Pyramid.

The skins are available from Media Markt and Saturn, among others. At what point in time Sony will launch both PS5 and DualSense controllers in other colors remains to be seen. After all, Sony had already confirmed in an FAQ article that it wanted to offer the DualSense gamepad for PlayStation 5 in other colors in the future. The PS5 hit the market in November 2020.

Via Playfront

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