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Tonight, May 21st, the official Bethesda stream “ESO Live” will take place again. This time, the focus is on the music of the upcoming Blackwood chapter, and of course all viewers can tap Twitch drops.

From June 1st (PC, Mac and Stadia) or June 8th (Playstation and Xbox), the new chapter Blackwood in The Elder Scrolls Online will take us to the new Dark Forest zone. The following features are also at the start:

And of course, the chapter will also have its own soundtrack, which is what it’s all about tonight, May 21, on the official Bethesda stream, ESO Live. From 9:00 p.m. we will find out Twitch.tv/Bethesda from Audio Director Brad Derrick, learn more about the music and sounds of Blackwood and how they are composed, recorded and produced.

In addition to the usual news, Community Manager Gina Bruno and Senior Community Manager Jess Folsom will also get some fan arts from the TESO community (buy now 59,95 € ) introduce, oh, and of course there are also Twitch drops, so don’t forget yours Link accounts in a timely manner.

TESO: Blackwood – Land of the Dead and Damnation in the story trailer

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