If you were already looking forward to playing the revised version of the classic adventure game Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition this year, then you will have to wait a little longer. The release date has been postponed.

"There were some obstacles that we had to overcome in terms of the old technology the game uses," said Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick. "And our hunt for the original source code and assets came up with nothing."

Nightdive Studios had hoped Electronic Arts could help them with assets and more, since the company bought the game's original developer, Westwood, in 1998. But nothing came of it. "We had some discussions with EA about what was left in the warehouse they found regarding Blade Runner and we were not able to get a straight answer," explained Kick. "And even if there were, it's very unlikely they would give it to us for legal reasons, which is a bit disappointing because we were hoping to at least get the original audio recordings. So we're basically doing that what was in the original game at the time and have no access to original material. I've been led to believe that there are some things but no one will ever know. "

Therefore, developing the Enhanced Edition of Blade Runner is more difficult than expected. The team basically has to reverse engineer the source code from scratch, which takes a lot of time. There are some gaps that Nightdive Studios have to fill themselves. Unraveling the animations of the characters alone is an enormous amount of work.

"We're on a really tough middle ground where we can't really do what is usually done in a remaster," said Kick. "We had to invent new pipelines to extract the data and modify it so that it could be displayed at a slightly higher resolution or higher quality. So yeah, it's a real challenge."

Therefore it is currently not possible to name a new release date for Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition.

Source: Eurogamer

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